College App

A Little Project History.

College has been in the works since 2016. We named it 'The Academy App' and offered it to Secondary Schools within the Edo State Area as a school management solution. With limited successes, we shelved it by mid-2017 due to logistics and financial limitations. We had spent the entire December, 2016 holed up in a one-room apartment at the Federal University in Benin trying to automate routine school management processes for upscale Secondary Schools. That was the dream. Then.

Going Forward

The Challenge:

"As of 2020, there were 79 private universities in Nigeria. Federal universities amounted to 43, while state universities were 48. Some of Nigeria's oldest universities are the University of Ibadan, the University of Nigeria, the Obafemi Awolowo University, and the University of Lagos." (Statista).  The Covid-19 Pandemic largely exposed how almost impossible it was for the government-owned universities to continue 'learning' due to the absence of a stable online learning infrastructure for their large student populace. This challenge is shared by many of their privately-owned counterparts.

While the Academics Union Strike played a huge role in keeping students at home (for public universities), we cannot discount the fact that the schools were not just prepared for this occurrence.

Since the Strike was called off, a lot of makeshifts solutions have cropped up. But here is what the website of one of Nigeria's top universities look like:

In our chats with the teeming users of these makeshift solutions, stability, lack of optimization for mobile, and user experience have been the three top problems. There's also been delays in roll-out. Understandably, technological advancement in Nigeria is at its early stages and the switch to virtual learning was too quick to not design an experience that will ease Students, Parents, Lecturers and other stakeholders alike into a new system that works for all.

But who does it hurt the most? The Students.

This is why they are at the forefront of OUR SOLUTION:

College is an hybrid VLE (virtual learning environment), LMS (learning management system), and SMS (school management software) boxed into one product suite. If you are a Tertiary or Secondary Institution Administrator, then we should be talking.


1. College is Optimized for Mobile First.
We realize that most students and instructors wants to be able to interact and engage with their course contents 'on the go'. While a Web Application is easier to visit, it's harder to stay on. That's why College comes with a mobile app that can be easily downloaded on popular app stores. The experience is immersive and easy to navigate through.

2. Automated Delivery to aid fast roll-out.
The basic architecture an institution needs to be up and running can be set up within 24 hours. Besides provision of course contents by instructors, students and other stakeholders can sign up and set up their dashboards in less that 15 minutes.

3. 99% Uptime.
We use AWS Services to host our Institution Partners. They have built considerable clout over the years and can be said to be the best hosting platform out there today. With Amazon, we guarantee that what needs to work will work when it needs to work and downtimes will rarely - if at all - happen.

4. College is a One Stop Shop for all.
We've integrated all the usual top VLE, LMS, and SMS features with our extra touch to make for an amazing experience. e.g video streaming, on-demand videos, e-book file upload, payments, course registrations, e-library, progress tracker, etc. For a full list of features, download the product brochure here.

5. We are masters of User Experience and we put community first.
This is clearly our major expertise and we make sure that Students can communicate with their peers in a stream like environment. Lecturers can also moderate virtual lecture halls. And as an extra, we facilitate connections across institutions, links to great resources, and generally do our best to help our users succeed.

6. Experience Bob, the YouLift Wizard.
Our bot will always be there to guide and support you every step of the way. We are also building a forum where you can easily access support alongside a Customer Success team that has your ultimate good at heart.

7. When you can't, we do the heavy lifting.
We can automate your entire school records database, organize class recordings, do the uploads, and help you make the switch to digital easily.

Coming Soon in few months.

Request early access to Demo here